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Lingua Situation report

Situation report

In the joomla forum some things came up in the proces.. M17n is not working that well with SEO activated in Joomla. The association between the menu items is buggy. A soon as SEO is turned off it works like a charm again...

Also there are some other issues. The following lists all issues at the moment.
  • M17n does not work as is it should using SEO, association between menu items isonly working with SEO switched off.
  • Association is only working when the article items is NOT a universal one. Meaning: only one menu item set as universal cannot be associated to another item therefore it's not (yet) working.
  • Index.php is no longer needed to be hacked.
  • Article.php also does not need a hack.
The manual!

The first manual has been released! Now a readable version of how to install and use Multlilang M17n is available. The manual has been derived from the txt files form SDIC together with some tips and tricks which can make life easier. See downloads