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Lingua What's in a name?

What's in a name?

How to create menu items and modules for all installed languages?

There are several ways to create menu items.

  • each language its own menu item...a language activated for the particular menu item
  • one menu item for all languages... find a name which covers it in all languages..

Home in English is Thuis in Dutch here two items are made, one for each languge

Software, Lingua en Contact can be used in both languages.


There's no language paramter in the modules. Each module should then be published for each language. But you can do the same thing here...choose a name which can be used in both languages.

"FLASH!" for newsflash. Which will be clear for Dutch people also.. "Top 5" has in both english and Dutch the same meaning.. And "Tip Top" for latest nieuws.

Maybe you'll think that's not clear to me but it's an example of what you can do with "intelligent design" of your multilingual website.

No more registration needed...

As of now there's no registration needed to download the extension and the manual.... As over 6000! unique downloads of both versions and the manual have been registered we now it is highly valued. Of course we would like to know if, where and how you use it. So please send us the url of the websites built with Multilang M17n...