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Lingua Hacking the code

Hacking the code

Could there be a way to adjust Joomla to just do that what it should do?

Searching all extensions the forum and more I've found two promissing items...in the "extensions" I found M17n. This tool would make a switch form one installed front end language to another....and also it would make it possible to attach menu items to a selected language. Only thing was...it would not filter the articles on their language parameter..

That's where the Joomla Forum came to the resque..in an answer of multilingual content "shmuel" gave some hints for me where to look.

Now I got somewhere!

I contacted Jason Johnston form SDIC who created M17n to tell him what I've found and if it would be possible for him to put me on the right track...So he did..whith his help I was able to hack the frontpage, articles, most read, latest news and so on.. it needed some adjustmenst but I was on the way...Thanks Jason!

JPcabrales helped me with the problem how to tackle the front end selection upon adding an article...this was the one that was lacking from all extensions I'd seen before and one of the main reasons I decided to look for a multilingual solution in the first place. JPcabrales thanks for that!

The next horde which is to be taken is the syndication module.



World Bodypainting Festival

I am very proud to present the first Multilang M17n powered website. A very beautiful website made by Alex Barendregt from Austria. Let us present World Bodypainting Festival.